What is WP Travel? Getting started with the best free travel plugin

What is WP Travel?

WP Travel is a free travel and tour booking WordPress plugin for travel agencies and tour operators. It lets you add trips from the backend whilst users book their itineraries from your WordPress website.

WP Travel provides you flexibility to add custom trips and includes all the necessary details such as the location, duration, amenities offered related to the tour/travel package. It’s a free WordPress plugin with additional features available as extensions. WP Travel is developed by WEN Solutions, so when you use it, you’re in good hands.

Why should I use WP Travel?

WP Travel has been around since early 2018 and has a strong development team behind it and it keeps getting more popular and better.
Just like WordPress, WP Travel is free and open source. It’s completely free for anyone to download, use and modify.
It’s also easy for beginners to use and anyone can set up and run a professional travel and tour booking website. You really don’t need to know any code at all.

Easy install and set up

Installing WP Travel is as simple as adding any other WordPress plugin to your website. It’s available to download for free from the WordPress plugin directory, which is accessible right from your website admin.

Powerful features out of the box.

WP Travel comes with an amazing set of features right out of the box. Here are just a small selection of these:

  • Add unlimited trips and destinations
  • Add categories, tags and attributes – including trip facts – to any trips to make them easier to find and search
  • Create a trip with dynamic pricing option – single or multiple. This would give you flexibility to set pricing for the trip either per group or per person.
  • Show trip ratings and reviews on trip pages
  • Exciting premium feel of Trip Facts option lets your trips to appear more promising as you can create unlimited facts. For e.g. Trip Duration, Breakfast inclusion, Difficulty level, Transportation, etc.
  • Add map to your trips
  • Create descriptive itineraries and sort them as you like
  • wesome gallery of the trips
  • Create unlimited coupon codes for trips
  • Choose how you like to process payments: use popular providers such as Stripe and PayPal, credit cards, checks or Cash on Delivery
  • Simplified tax calculation method for trips
  • Choose any pages for Cart and Checkout

Don’t see all the features you need? That’s not a problem – WP Travel comes feature-packed, but there are a whole lot of ways to extend its features much, much further…

WP Travel is highly extensible

Sometimes, when a plugin is easy to use, it’ll only have limited flexibility. But the opposite is true for WP Travel. There are numerous ways to expand the functionality of WP Travel via themes, plugins, extensions, or even  – if you’re particularly keen – by editing the plugin code itself.

Several ready-made hooks and filters have made a life of WP Travel customizer lot easier.

Behind the scenes, you can even consider hiring WP Travel gurus who have expertise in customizing plugin features according to your requirements starting from very less budget.

Install WP Travel plugin

Once you’ve installed your WordPress site (or you may have already had WordPress setup), adding WP Travel to your site is even easier.

You can install WP Travel straight from your WordPress installation, the same as any other WordPress plugin.

To add WP Travel to your website, head to Plugins → Add New and search “WP Travel” to locate the WP Travel plugin. Once you’ve found it, click Install Now then Activate.

Get a WP Travel compatible WordPress theme

The next step is choosing and installing a WP Travel ready theme, which dictates what your site looks like. This is what your visitors will see when they visit your site, so it’s the really important part.

You’ll need a WordPress theme that supports WP Travel’s unique features: things like trip display pages, single trip pages, and the checkout process. When you’re considering a theme, be sure to check all those pages.

Don’t forget also that your customers will view your travel website on a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. While WP Travel is mobile friendly, it’s the theme which decides layout. This is why it’s vital to choose a responsive theme so you can be certain your travel website will look good, and function correctly, on every device. Other things to look out for are the trip booking process, adding trips to the cart and going through to pay (and how these all look).

Fortunately, there are perfectly high-quality collection of themes which are 100% compatible with WP Travel and handle all those above things.

Travel Log is one of the free and most popular compatible theme for WP Travel. It is available free to download from WordPress theme directory. Installing this theme is very simple.

In your site’s admin sidebar, go to Appearance → Themes, click Add New and search “Travel Log” to locate the Travel Log theme. Once you’ve found it, click Install Now then Activate.

Adding trips

The first thing to do is add some trips! These are the things you’ll be selling. Go to Trips → Add New and you’ll be taken to the trip page. It’s similar to adding posts or pages, but specifically for WP Travel trips.

Create a new trip

You’ll want to add in all of the information there’s space for, including trip name and description, itineraries, trip dates and prices, and some nice accompanying image galleries. If it’s your first time adding a trip, you can refer to the documentation that will walk you through the trip addition steps.

Once you’ve added in all your information, hit publish and you have your trip available on your site.

Payment gateways

Unless you’re giving your products away for free, you’ll need to take payments! To do this you’ll need something called a payment gateway.
Most of the other option, such as partial payment comes with minimum payout setting option. Likewise, you can set your trips as either taxable or non-taxable.
You’ll find your payment gateway options under WP Travel → Settings → Payments. WP Travel comes with a PayPal as a default payment gateway. Other gateways like Stripe, Instamojo, RazorPay and Authorize.net are available as premium extensions.

Follow the instructions to sign up for relevant accounts and connect them to WP Travel.

Add even more features with extensions

WP Travel is hugely powerful out of the box, but sometimes you’ll have complex requirements for your site, which the plugin can’t handle. In that case, you’ll want to choose from one of the huge selection of free and premium extensions.
There’s a lot to choose from: from additional payment providers to multiple utility options to variable map options – it’s all there.

Some of its must-have extensions are:

WP Travel Utilities:  This extension lets you define your own custom trip code, enable/disable WP Travel “Powered By Branding” text or define your custom text. Likewise, it also has an option to send an email related to Trip Booking, Trip Payments and Trip Enquiry to your multiple recipients and more features.

WP Travel Tour Extras:  This extension lets you add additional services like flight, vehicle service, insurance or any other custom you want. You can add paid or free service that user can select.  Additionally, you can add a gallery for the service, description and sale price.

WP Travel Mapquest: This extension uses the trusted source for finding your way with helpful tools for the road, local tips along the journey, and reliable directions to all of your destinations which is integrated within the WP Travel. With WP Travel Mapquest, you can embed the maps. You can also use it as an alternative to Google Map that requires premium API key.

WP Travel Here Map: This extension can also be your additional choice for map display which is also a solid alternative to Google Maps. WP Travel Here Map offers a nice blend of mapping and exploration which can ease your traveling experience.

To get started with WP Travel, you don’t need any extensions. But they are a great, easy way to add extra functionality later on.

WP Travel Field Editor: If you are wondering how to add aa new field in the forms of the WP Travel plugin then you are at right place. The WP Travel Field Editor provides an interface to add, edit and remove fields that are displayed in Trip Enquiry fields, Traveler info fields, and Billing fields.

Fields can be added, edited and removed from the billing and traveler info and trip inquiry form sections.

You’ve now seen exactly how easy and affordable it is to start creating trips with WP Travel! Good Luck!!

WP Travel: Free Travel and Tours plugin

“WP Travel” is the best free travel and tours plugin choice for a Travel Agency, Tour Operator or Destination Management Company, wanting to manage packages more efficiently & increase sales. It’s scalable, powerful, easy to use plugin for WordPress to manage packages and booking. Make a decision to enhance your travel site with powerful features with this simple plugin.

Download | Demo

Travel Log: Best Free WordPress Travel Theme

Travel Log is a perfect theme for your Travel site. It is a simple, clean & free WordPress Travel Theme, ideal for travel agencies, hotels, tour operators or any other organization related to travel and tours. This theme has options panel based on powerful customizer API which makes theme pretty easy to customize and configure.

There are multiple widget areas, layout, header options and much more. Theme is responsive and tested on multiple devices, also theme is developer friendly so if you would like to make any customization its very simple. There is a great documentation which helps for easy setup of theme and also if you run into any issues or problem there is a standby support team for the theme.

Travel Log theme features can be extended with its very own compatible plugin called WP Travel Plugin, that adds ease to managing tours, itineraries and bookings.

Travel Log Theme Demo: http://wensolutions.com/travel-log-demo/

How to Assign Featured Image to your Post or Page

You can easily add a featured image to your post from the same post edit page of your WordPress dashboard. Simply click on “Set Featured Image” link on the right column inside the featured image meta box.

Featured Image for the post
Set Featured Image

This will open the WordPress Media Uploader. You can use that to upload an image from your computer or use an existing image from your media library. Once you select the image, simply click on Set Featured Image button.

Theme Support

A theme must have the following code in its functions.php file to support the featured image for your post and page.


Display featured image

To display featured images in your theme, you need to edit your templates and add this line of code where you want to display the featured image: